2011 Show Season

2011 Summershow

July 23 AMHR show

DT Midnight Painted Patton
1st Junior stallions 33” & under
Grand Champion stallion AMHR “A” division
Champion of champions AMHR “A” division

European bred
2nd European-Bred weanling / yearling stallions

DT Midnight Lil Joker
1st Model stallions 2-yrs & older over 33” up to and including 38”
3rd Junior stallions over 32” up to and including 37”
1st  Solid colored stallions / geldings “tall american registered”

July 24 AMHA show

DT Midnight Painted Patton
3rd Amateur Junior Stallions
3rd Yearling stallions up to and including 32”


2011 Miniature Extravaganza
June 11 & 12 AMHA show

DT Midnight Painted Patton
2nd AOTE junior Stallion
3rd Amateur junior Stallions
3rd Yearling Stallions over 30” up to and including 32”

June 13 AMHR show

DT Midnight Painted Patton
3rd Junior Stallions 33” and under
2nd Multi colored Stallions/Geldings
3rd Liberty AMHR “A” division

DT Midnight Lil Joker
2nd Liberty “tall American Registered”
2nd Model Stallions 2-yrs and older over 33” to 38”
2nd Junior Stallions over 32” to 37”
Reserve Champion Stallion “tall american registered”~


ICAMH Spring Fling 2011

DT Midnight Painted Patton
1st Yearlings Stallions under 30”
Grand Champion Junior stallions

DT Midnight Lil Joker1st Two-year-olds Stallions over 33” up to 37”
Reserve Champion Junior Stallions
Thank you Maaike de Vries for showing Joker in the championship class!